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Open information about international assistance to Myanmar

How is aid being used in Myanmar?

Development assistance continues to play a vital role in supporting Myanmar’s historic transformation. As Myanmar moves forward, it is important that that all stakeholders are aware of how this assistance is being used and what results are being achieved.

Why is open aid important in Myanmar?

Making development assistance transparent helps to ensure this assistance goes where it is most needed. By ensuring open access to such information, all stakeholders are better able to clearly see who is doing what and where. Access to better quality data also supports more equitable allocation, both sectorally and geographically, ensuring that this assistance brings maximum benefits to our people.

How do we ensure alignment and accountability?

Comprehensive and timely reporting of development assistance is key to ensuring reciprocal accountability. Accurate data on development assistance is allows the Government of Myanmar to make informed decisions regarding the allocation of development finance to ensure development assistance aligns with Myanmar’s development priorities and policies.


A shared vision for effective aid

This 2020 update to the Myanmar Development Assistance Policy (DAP) presents:

  • an overarching policy framework which shall guide the delivery of development assistance; together with
  • clear procedures that streamline the identification, design, negotiation, approval, implementation and evaluation of initiatives funded in part or whole by development assistance.

“Myanmar’s vision is that our country enjoys an enabling environment which maximises the positive impact that development assistance can have in the lives of our people.“

- Myanmar Development Assistance Policy 2018

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The Mohinga Aid Information Management System (AIMS) - a simple, open and modern cloud based web-application is the Government of Myanmar’s officially designated platform for storing and analysing all development assistance information.

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