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Aid by Sector

The reports allow us to export and disaggregate aid data reported to Mohinga.

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Activities by Ministry
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4 total activities

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Activities List

Activity IATI Identifer Title Sector Status Total Commitment Financing Start End
MM-FERD-ID3807 None Communication Network Improvement Project 220 - Communication Implementation JPY - Yen 10,500,000,000 Government of Japan Mar `15 Jun `24
MM-FERD-ID6777 None Civil Society and Media Project 151 - Government and civil society, general
220 - Communication
Implementation USD - US Dollar 20,000,000 U.S. Agency for International Development Sep `14 Sep `18
MM-FERD-ID110 None Telecommunications Sector Reform Project 220 - Communication Implementation USD - US Dollar 31,500,000 World Bank Apr `14 Dec `19
MM-FERD-ID1817 None COMMUNICATION AND ADVOCACY ACTIVITIES 220 - Communication Completion USD - US Dollar 341,115 UNICEF Core Resources Jan `14 Dec `17