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Commitment by Ministry

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67 total activities

Total Commitment

$ 65.63 million

Largest Donor & projects

Total Disbursed

$ 55.09 million

Activities List

Mohinga ID Title Status Financing Total Commitment
41122-1511 Supply chain strengthening Implementation Multiple Donors USD 11,014,412
41122-1338 Alternative Education Implementation Multiple Donors USD 9,217,982
France-0665 CBU 1007 (03) : Mandalay urban services improvement project (MUSIP) (Municipal Water Services) Implementation European Union EUR 8,000,000
MM-FERD-7584 Humanitarian - Education in Emergencies / Peace Building Education / Disaster Risks Reduction Completion Multiple Donors USD 8,699,026
41122-6275 Increased capacity to deliver quality essential nutrition interventions Implementation Multiple Donors USD 7,748,485
41122-7980 Sub-National Coordination and Effectiveness Implementation Multiple Donors USD 6,720,988
KfW-9788 Improvement of Agricultural Transport and Infrastructure (IATI) Completion Government of Germany EUR 5,000,000
41122-9337 Improving national capacity to monitor grave violations against children and land mines risks Implementation Multiple Donors USD 4,889,582
41122-4175 WASH in Institutions Implementation Multiple Donors USD 4,111,276
France-7252 CBU 1003: Pumped Irrigation Project (PIP) Implementation Agence Française de Développement EUR 3,000,000
41122-4430 Strengthening systems to prevent and respond to a range of child protection violations Implementation Multiple Donors USD 3,983,672
41122-8925 Capacities to develop, manage and use M&E systems for children Implementation Multiple Donors USD 3,683,475
41122-6009 Knowledge and skills for appropriate practices and demand for quality services Implementation Multiple Donors USD 3,510,851
GovGER-4470 Basic Health Infrastructure & Food and Nutrition Security in Northern Rakhine Implementation Government of Germany EUR 3,250,000
GovGER-5989 Increase resilience of vulnerable communities in northern and central Rakhine State, Myanmar, through a comprehensive health, WASH, DRR and livelihood measures as well as strengthening of local partners (2017.1838.6) Implementation Government of Germany EUR 3,250,000
France-8487 CBU 1005 (Amarapura) : Project for the improvement of the water service in the city of Mandalay, and building the capacities of the municipality staff Implementation Agence Française de Développement EUR 2,500,000
41122-7032 Early Learning Implementation Multiple Donors USD 3,211,098
MM-FERD-ID2759 Sustainable Development of the Mining Sector (2014.2476.1) Completion Government of Germany EUR 2,500,000
GovGER-6742 Community-Based Organization for Strengthening Resilience (2017.1837.8) Implementation Government of Germany EUR 2,240,000
41122-3312 Water Supply for vulnerable communities in rural and urban areas Implementation Multiple Donors USD 2,404,088