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Browse aid data reported to Mohinga, disaggregated by administrative region.

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$ 65.63


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$ 55.09


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67 total activities

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Activities List

Mohinga ID Title Status Financing Total Commitment
MM-FERD-ID4515 Linking Rehabilitation and Development for the Disaster Affected Communities in Rakhine by Strengthening their Resilience in WaSH, Health, Basic Infrastructure and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) (2016.1808.1) Post-completion Government of Germany EUR 2,126,000
GovGER-3856 Resilience strengthening and community self-determined rebuilding in Northern Shan State (2017.1836.0) Implementation Government of Germany EUR 2,157,320
41122-7234 Strengthening normative framework to protect and further child rights Implementation Multiple Donors USD 2,263,715
41122-4615 Enabling environment MNCH Implementation Multiple Donors USD 2,107,369
GovGER-3812 To Promote the Chamber Partnership Project and Association Partnership Project between the Foreign Trade Association of the German Retail Trade (AVE) and the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) (Nummer der Maßnahme: 683) Implementation Government of Germany EUR 1,746,450
41122-0310 Operations Support to programme Delivery Implementation Multiple Donors USD 2,040,591
41122-3820 Programme Budgeting, Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,968,362
41122-2351 Enabling Environment to develop and implement WASH policies, standards and guidelines Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,954,368
41302-3177 COVID-19 Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,943,000
41122-6656 Access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services for children and adolescents Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,919,224
41122-5732 Advocacy, Partnerships, Communication Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,893,691
MM-FERD-ID3753 To Promote the Chamber Partnership Project and Association Partnership Project between the Chamber of Commerce (IHK) Reutlingen and the Mandalay Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MRCCI) (2015.1018.9) Implementation Government of Germany EUR 1,564,200
41122-6587 Cross-cutting Technical Support Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,641,648
41122-1566 Sanitation and Hygiene Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,514,032
MM-FERD-ID9540 CBU 1011 : Project for the improvement of water service management in a pilot district of Yangon Implementation Agence Française de Développement EUR 1,250,000
41122-5498 Equity-sensitive planning, budgeting and implementation Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,350,288
41122-1667 Enhanced capacity and systems for inclusive and integrated social programmes Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,271,351
41122-1731 Supply & Logistics in support of the programme Implementation UNICEF Core Resources USD 1,259,347
41122-0398 Multi-sectoral coordination and approaches for Nutrition Implementation Multiple Donors USD 1,085,802
US-1-6936 COVID-19: WHO Consolidated Grant Completion U.S. Agency for International Development USD 700,000