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The reports allow us to export and disaggregate aid data reported to Mohinga.

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Activity IATI Identifer Title Sector Status Total Commitment Financing Start End
MM-FERD-ID2559 None MANAGEMENT AND OPS SUPPORT 430 - Other multisector Completion USD - US Dollar 15,748,400 Multiple Donors Jan `14 Dec `17
MM-FERD-3034 None Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Leadership and Technical Assistance 140 - Water and sanitation Completion USD - US Dollar 3,997,782 Multiple Donors Jan `16 Dec `17
MM-FERD-ID0789 None Health in Emergency 122 - Basic health Completion USD - US Dollar 2,756,869 Multiple Donors Jan `14 Dec `17
MM-FERD-7890 None Child Protection Leadership and Technical Assistance 160 - Other social infrastructure and services Completion USD - US Dollar 2,497,564 Multiple Donors Jan `16 Dec `17
MM-FERD-ID1931 None DISASTER RISK REDUCTION 740 - Disaster prevention and preparedness Completion USD - US Dollar 1,431,152 Multiple Donors Jan `14 Dec `17
41302-6586 None Enabling communities and stakeholders to proactively address forced labour (FL) 151 - Government and civil society, general Implementation USD - US Dollar 350,000 United States Department of State Sep `17 Sep `18