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The reports allow us to export and disaggregate aid data reported to Mohinga

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Activities List

Mohinga ID IATI ID Title Sector Status Total Commitment Financing Start End
FERD-GovNOR-9183 None UNEP- Climate Smart Rice 520 - Developmental food aid/food security assistance Implementation USD - US Dollar 45,000,000 Norwegian Embassy in Yangon Dec `18 Dec `21
FERD-GovNOR-8835 None Protection, Safety and Rights for Conflict and Displacement - Affected People in Rakhine 112 - Basic education Implementation NOK - Norwegian Krone 18,000,000 Norwegian Embassy in Yangon Oct `18 Sep `21
FERD-GovNOR-2137 None Addressing Corruption in the Fishery Sector in Myanmar 151 - Government and civil society, general Implementation NOK - Norwegian Krone 6,296,153 Norwegian Embassy in Yangon Dec `18 Nov `21
FERD-GovNOR-0548 None Support to the Office of the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Myanmar 220 - Communication Implementation NOK - Norwegian Krone 2,367,490 Norwegian Embassy in Yangon Jul `18 Jun `20