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The reports allow us to export and disaggregate aid data reported to Mohinga.

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Activity IATI Identifer Title Sector Status Total Commitment Financing Start End
MM-FERD-ID4471 None Community and institutional WASH supply 140 - Water and sanitation Completion USD - US Dollar 8,029,105 Multiple Donors Jan `14 Dec `17
MM-FERD-ID0999 None IMPROVED QUALITY& CHILD CENTER OF BE 111 - Education, level unspecified Completion USD - US Dollar 14,321,834 Multiple Donors Jan `11 Dec `13
41122-6275 None Increased capacity to deliver quality essential nutrition interventions 122 - Basic health Implementation USD - US Dollar 2,307,174 Multiple Donors Jan `18 Dec `22
41122-9511 None Increased capacity for quality MNCH, EPI & PMTCT services 122 - Basic health Implementation USD - US Dollar 2,651,016 Multiple Donors Jan `18 Dec `22
MM-FERD-ID8104 None TVET Reform Programme 113 - Secondary education Implementation EUR - Euro 18,000,000 Government of Germany Feb `18 Dec `19
GovGER-8723 None Strengthening of regional microfinance networks in former Indochina and Myanmar (regional project) (2014.1009.1) 240 - Banking and financial services Implementation EUR - Euro 5,146,000 Government of Germany Jan `15 Mar `18
MM-FERD-ID8974 None Rural Electrification Programme - SHS Component 430 - Other multisector Implementation EUR - Euro 9,000,000 Multiple Donors Jun `17 Nov `20
41122-9337 None Improving national capacity to monitor grave violations against children and land mines risks 152 - Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security
160 - Other social infrastructure and services
Implementation USD - US Dollar 1,615,633 Multiple Donors Jan `18 Dec `22
MM-FERD-ID2054 None PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESS 121 - Health, general Completion USD - US Dollar 3,592,813 Multiple Donors Jan `11 Dec `13
MM-FERD-ID4330 None ANEMIA & BERIBERI PREVENTION/TREATMENT 122 - Basic health Completion USD - US Dollar 3,117,176 Multiple Donors Jan `11 Dec `13
KfW-9788 None Improvement of Agricultural Transport and Infrastructure (IATI) 430 - Other multisector Pipeline/identification EUR - Euro 5,000,000 Government of Germany Nov `18 Feb `21
GovGER-3812 None To Promote the Chamber Partnership Project and Association Partnership Project between the Foreign Trade Association of the German Retail Trade (AVE) and the Myanmar Garment Manufacturers Association (MGMA) (Nummer der Maßnahme: 683) 331 - Trade policy and regulations and trade-related adjustment Implementation EUR - Euro 856,000 Government of Germany Dec `15 Nov `18
41122-6009 None Knowledge and skills for appropriate practices and demand for quality services 122 - Basic health Implementation USD - US Dollar 633,823 Multiple Donors Jan `18 Dec `22
MM-FERD-0520 None improving the living conditions and strengthening of peaceful coexistence between IDPs, host communities and neighbouring communities in Rakhine-State (AA S05 321.50 MMR 04/16) 152 - Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security Implementation EUR - Euro 913,365 Government of Germany May `16 Feb `18
GovGER-6028 None Construction of a conference centre in Bago (2017.3319.5) 160 - Other social infrastructure and services Implementation EUR - Euro 400,000 Government of Germany Oct `17 Sep `19
GovGER-3921 None Practical implementation of the Sendai Framework: Promoting a societal approach through the active involvement of people with disabilities in disaster risk prevention at regional, national and local levels (2017.1874.1) 740 - Disaster prevention and preparedness Implementation EUR - Euro 1,300,000 Government of Germany Nov `17 Dec `19
GovGER-3447 None Reinforcing the humanitarian resilience of internally displaced children in Central Rakhine through integrated WASH and psychosocial measures ( S09-52-321.50 MMR 04/18) 140 - Water and sanitation Implementation EUR - Euro 789,300 Government of Germany Sep `18 Sep `20
GovGER-9635 None improvement of educational and training situation of 550 boys and girls in the Shwe Pyi Aye township, a poor district of Mawlamyine (bengo-Nr: b6545) 111 - Education, level unspecified Completion EUR - Euro 62,079 Government of Germany Jul `16 Dec `16