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The reports allow us to export and disaggregate aid data reported to Mohinga

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Mohinga ID IATI ID Title Sector Status Total Commitment Financing Start End
CH-4-1899 None Vocational Skills Development Programme - Phase II 111 - Education, level unspecified
113 - Secondary education
Implementation CHF - Swiss Franc 19,869,000 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation May `18 Apr `22
CH-4-6638 None Gulf of Mottama Project (Phase Two) (2018-2021) 140 - Water and sanitation
311 - Agriculture
313 - Fishing
410 - General environmental protection
Implementation CHF - Swiss Franc 8,000,000 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Apr `18 Dec `21
CH-4-0279 None The Myanmar Aswe Project 113 - Secondary education Implementation USD - US Dollar 180,198 Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Jan `19 Sep `19